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Commission Order Form

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Thank you for your interest! Please note: I do my best to bring your vision to life. In order to give you the best experience, please follow the directions below.

+ Prices are for simple characters. More complicated characters will cost more.

+ Please do not send long descriptions. Five sentences most.

+ Send only one or two clear references. I only work from reference, unless your design is very simple.

+ If you want me to design a character from scratch, a design fee will be charged based on complexity.

+ I only accept full payment upfront via paypal.

+ You will receive a line sketch for approval before I render.

+ Once the picture is completed, a change fee will be charged if you want something edited, unless it is an error on my end.

+ These are all digital. You may request the hi-res file to print on your own.

If you agree to these conditions, please fill out the order form below and I will respond within 48 hours. Thank you!